The Superdry Success Story

One of the biggest success stories in the world of fashion in the recent history is a brand that has gone about the business of making, marketing and even selling clothes in a very different way from any of its competitors and even from the established way of doing things in the fashion industry.

The founder of the now famous Superdry label is man called Julian Dunkerton who is now CEO of the parent company that owns the label. Julian Dunkerton had been in the clothing industry for almost twenty years before he started the label. In its first full year of operations after going public, the company has broken records as far as profits, sales and growth go and even the founder Julian Dunkerton admits that in all his years in the clothing industry he has never seen growth and results like this.

All this is made even more incredible by the fact that the clothing brand has nearly tripled profits over the previous year in one of the worst economic down turns that most people have experienced recently and at a period where most businesses are struggling with the fall out of the recession that we are in.

As the growth and the success of the popular label gets bigger and bigger it is now taking advantage of the incredible success that it is experiencing with practices like refusing to pay for store space in malls. Founder Julian Dunkerton says that a lot of the mall owners are in fact paying the company to open retail stores in their malls due to the fantastic amount of foot fall that they generate. Out of the fifteen million pounds that the company spent on opening new retail locations last year, three million pounds came directly from the landlords and owners of the properties that Superdry leased to open its stores.

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